What is extrusion moulding process ?

What is extrusion moulding ?

Extrusion moulding is used to form plastic or metal materials into a pre-defined shape. During the process, the material is melted and pushed through an extrusion moulding machine, forming a long, tube-like shape or rod. This is cooled and cut to the required length. Often, extrusion moulding plastic products created in this way are used for wiring or insulating applications.

extrusion moulding process

Extrusion molding is the most varied, highly productive, adaptable, versatile, and largest molding process in the plastic material processing field. Extrusion molding is the continuous molding of a polymer melt or viscous fluid through a certain shaped die by the extrusion of an extruder’s screw or plunger, and the resulting part is a continuous profile with a constant cross-sectional shape.

Advantages of extrusion molding

1.Simple operation, easy process control, continuous, industrialized and automated production, high production efficiency and stable quality.

2.It has a wide range of applications and is widely used in the molding and processing of plastics, rubber and composite materials, and is also commonly used in the coloring, blending, plasticizing, granulating and compounding modification of plastics.

3.The production environment is hygienic and the labor intensity is low.

4.The product cost is low and suitable for mass production.

extrusion moulding products

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