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Plastic profiles mainly refer to thermoplastics that can be used as structural materials. Engineering plastics have good comprehensive properties, such as high rigidity, low creep, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, and good electrical insulation. They can be used for a long time in harsh chemical and physical environments and can be used as structural materials. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive and the output is small.
As one of the most important new chemical materials, plastic profiles are a key scientific and technological field in the world. It is widely used in aerospace, transportation, electronic information, construction, medical care, high-end manufacturing, national defense and military industries. Its development not only supports the national pillar industries and modern high-tech industries, but also promotes the transformation of traditional industries. and adjustment of product structure.
Plastic profiles have low density, light weight, high specific strength, insulation, good dimensional stability, and corrosion resistance. They can be used in harsh physical and chemical environments, less affected by the environment, and have good durability. Compared with plastics, it has better heat and cold resistance and excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range, making it suitable for use as structural materials.

Do you know what are the automotive plastic profiles?

1. Under the hood, the hood hood can be divided into front, side and rear, door seals, front and rear window screens, WINDOWSEALING strips, sunroof seals, main door seals, rail seals (glass rails), waist (waist) ), dry sealing, anti-noise sealing strip, dustproof, etc.
2. According to the shape of the profile, the automobile sealing strip can be divided into solid core products (round, square, flat), hollow products and metal-rubber composite products. TPV sealing strip, TPV profile

3. Automotive sealing strips are classified according to their sealing characteristics, generally divided into weather strips and sealing strips. Among them, the weather sealing of hollow foam tube has a good temperature and humidity retention function. Commonly used sealing strips include door frame sealing strips, luggage sealing strips, engine case cover sealing strips, etc. Commonly used general sealing strips include front and rear windshield sealing strips, corner window sealing strips, and inner and outer sealing strips.
4. According to the composite structure of rubber materials, it can be divided into pure rubber sealing strips – composed of a single rubber species. Two kinds of composite sealing strips – composed of dense rubber and foam rubber, usually containing a metal skeleton material along the axis of the dense rubber. Three kinds of composite sealant strips – made of two kinds of sealants (one of which is light colored) and sponge sealant, usually containing a metal skeleton and reinforcing fibers within the sealant.
5. Automotive sealing strips are classified according to the type of material, which can be divided into rubber sealing strips, plastic sealing strips and thermoplastic elastomer sealing strips.
6. According to the surface treatment, the surface of some sealing strips can be divided into flocking sealing strips after additional treatment; the surface is coated with sealing strips, which have fabric decorative sealing strips.
7. Classification of special functions. Some seals have electronic smart features, such as anti-pinch seals.

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