Application of extruded profile products

Application of extruded profile products

I. Extrusion molding can process some thermosets and most thermoplastics and elastomers.
ii. Extruded products mainly include: films, tubes, sheets, sheets, rods, wires, nets, tapes, wires, wire wrapping, hollow containers, foams, composites, etc . They are used in various sectors of the national economy.

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1. Packaging material is one of the important uses of extruded products. Various kinds of films, composite materials, hollow containers, woven bags, nets, packing tapes, bundling ropes, etc. are widely used in the packaging of food, agricultural and sideline products, textiles, food, drugs, chemical products, fertilizers, cement, precision instruments, daily necessities, sporting goods, cultural goods, etc.
2. In the machinery manufacturing and transportation industry, plastic products are also widely used. Plastic rods can be processed into bearings, gears, pipe fittings and other mechanical parts. A variety of plastic tubes, plates, profiles manufacturing a variety of instrument panels, door walls, fender liners, water pipes, oil pipes, gas pipes, decorative parts, doors, windows, roof panels, handrails, flooring, etc.. 、
3. Agricultural use of large quantities of plastic film seedling and greenhouse planting, can shorten the crop growing period, increase production; increase farmers’ income; such as rice seedling, can improve 15-20 days harvest, 100-200KG per mu of increased yield; solar greenhouse so that the cold places to eat fresh vegetables year-round. Plastic pipes can be used for agricultural drainage and irrigation, plastic nets for aquaculture can greatly improve the yield of, for example, pearls, fresh shellfish, can also be used in the fishing industry, aquaculture.

4. Because of the excellent chemical resistance of plastic profiles, in the chemical industry production, a large number of plastic pipes, plates, rods, hollow containers as anti-corrosion materials. Manufacture of various places tanks, tanks, pipes, fans, towers and other liners, fillers, saving a lot of metal materials. Production applications confirm that 1T plastic can replace 6-7T stainless steel, copper and other metals.
5. In the electronics and telecommunications industry, using the advantages of good electrical insulation properties of plastic, a large number of plastic for insulating materials, such as wire, cable insulation layer, protective layer, a variety of electrical insulation parts, insulating panels, etc. .
6. The construction industry is increasingly using plastic sheets and profiles to make doors, windows, floors, wall panels, roof panels, water and sewage pipes, insulation materials, furniture, etc.
7. In medical and health care, plastic films and tubes can be used to make blood transfusion, oxygen tubes, esophagus, urethra and surgical instruments.
There are even more plastic products used in daily life, so extrusion molding is one of the important molding methods, the method occupies a fairly important position in polymer processing. At present, extruded profile products occupy half of the total plastic products in China.

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